Cliche Magazine- Sparkling ICE Review

Nothing quenches our thirst like water, but have you tried Sparkling ICE? Containing vitamins and antioxidants, this delicious and naturally flavored sparkling spring water has no calories. With two new flavors—Cherry Limeade andStrawberry Watermelon—on themarket, the lightly carbonatedbeverages are known as “The Bold Side of Water.” Check out our thoughts in this Sparkling ICE review!

If you are choosing to eat healthy but need a little vaca from water, Sparkling ICE has just the right hint of lightly sweetened goodness. The mixture of cherry and lime in the Cherry Limeade flavored drink is invigorating and the StrawberryWatermelon flavor made me feel like it was summer. I especially like how there isn’t a “diet taste” in these beverages; they are delightful and delicious. Not only is Sparkling ICE yummy by itself, it’s also a great addition to cocktails. Instead of using mixes that contain tons of sugar and unwanted calories, I used Sparkling ICE for a healthier and lighter twist. You won’t even taste the difference.

With summer right around the corner, give soda the boot and choose Sparkling ICE. You won’t believe this isn’t water! Sparkling ICE comes in 11 different flavors and Sparkling ICE Lemonade comes in six different flavors. A bottle of Sparkling ICE ranges from $1.19 to $1.29 and is available for purchase in stores nationwide. Check out Sparkling ICE at

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