Sparkling ICE on WXXA-TV FOX23 News “Daybreak”

Sparkling ICE on WXXA-TV FOX23 News “Daybreak.” This segment featured Sparkling ICE as a healthy beverage alternative for the summer, and mentioned it as a great beverage on its own or as a low-calorie cocktail mixer. Many of the Sparkling ICE benefits were discussed including the fact that it is an excellent soda alternative, has zero calories and zero carbs and is Gluten-free.

The guest and host made a Sparkling ICE Grapefruit low-calorie cocktail on set and tasted it, mentioning how delicious the drink was for only 105 calories. Prominent shots of all of the Sparkling ICE flavors were featured in the segment, and the Sparkling ICE Giveaway was also mentioned to drive viewers online.

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