Mango Pickles (Pickled Cucumber with Chilies and Shallots)


  • 1½ bottles of Sparkling Ice Mango Lemonade
  • 2/3-cup Lite Rice Wine Vinegar
  • 1-tablespoon salt
  • 10 Mini Cucumbers, quartered or sliced
  • 2 tablespoons Mustard Seeds
  • 3 Shallots, sliced thinly
  • 2-3 dried chilies, optional



  1. In a mason jar combine, cucumber, sliced shallot, mustard seeds and the dried chilies.
  2. Combine Sparkling Ice Mango Lemonade and rice wine vinegar in a saucepan over medium heat.  Add the salt and bring the mixture to a boil.  Remove from the heat.
  3. Pour the warm Sparkling Ice mixture over the cucumbers and fill up the jar.
  4. Allow the pickles to cool at room temperature for 1/2 hour.
  5. Refrigerate for 2 hours before serving.